Corporate Finance Advisory

This perhaps is the pinnacle of Dolma’s engagement around Capital efficiency and management. We retain the best international consultants who have decades of hands-on experience in handling Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital raising, Project & Export Finance, Public Private Partnership agreements, Blended Finance structures and a host of derivative structures best suited for your company. 
We can be your trusted partner in:
  1. Assessing the brand
  2. Evaluating quality of lending book
  3. Analyse sustainability of its business model
  4. Evaluation of  the risk management practices
  5. Analyse and recommend right synergies
  6. Handhold the integration process
Dolma offers a one-stop shop approach as we bring a host of leading international partners relevant to the project – Real Estate valuation, Enterprise valuation, Brand & Goodwill assessment, Escrow account management. 

Speak in confidence directly with our Principal Advisor. Dolma is fully compliant with GDPR guidelines and you will experience complete privacy and confidentiality through-out your engagement.  

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