Cyber risk services

Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime and predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. Nepal is following the global pattern and you need to cyber-proof your business. Broadly there are six areas - Hacking, misuse, malware, error, social and physical. Data leakage is the most common potential threat. All staff in the Bank need to know their roles and responsibilities in managing this risk.
Our cyber specialists will help you in maturing and embedding Information & Cyber Security Capabilities. They assist in building and sustaining competency in people, processes, tools & risk compliance:
  1. Enhance the Bank’s ability to share data securely
  2. Create a single platform for all pages across digital channels eg: online, mobile, ATM
  3. Enhance ability to mask/encrypt critical data to meet regulatory obligations
We will strengthen your ability to Detect, Respond and Recover from breaches:
  1. Endpoint Protection: Improve ability to perform Incident Response & File Forensics. Deploy advanced malware / Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) protection.
  2. Security Analytics Evolution: Continue to develop cyber analytics capability.

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